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Resources in our Community



Adventist Community Services (ACS) is a global humanitarian organization which conducts a broad-based work. Our local chapter works to empower individuals and families through the use of faith-based and community resources.

Want to be involved? Please contact the Community Service Director. 

Need community resources, check out additional links:

  1. Looking for community resources and referrals, go to  First Call for Help.

Contact NWD Community Service Director
 Elder Heather Drummond - 786-210-8911
 Elder Joel Newman


Local Coordinators:
1) Needs Assessments – The group
2) Disaster Location Liaison Coordinator – Elder Heather Drummond
3) Communication Coordinator – Ester Nelson
4) Work Day - Coordinator - Sharon Stewart
5) Mobilization Coordinator – Mildred Brown
6) Monitor – Ester Quashie
7) Review Coordinator – Silva Morales