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Health Seminars - Home Study

Free Health Courses

Do you ever wish that you could learn more about your health in the privacy of your own home? But correspondence courses cost a lot of money?

Well, you need wait no longer.

Here are two Correspondence courses that are highly recommended, and completely free, and with no obligation,

Health Course

There are 12 lessons, which are sent to you two at a time.

The following subjects are covered:-

  1. Taking charge of Your Health
  2. Eating Smart
  3. Healthy Heart, Healthy Bones
  4. Active for Health
  5. Coping with Stress
  6. Your Choice: Why do drugs?
  7. No Butts About it
  8. Healthy Weight
  9. Reduce the Risk of Cancer
  10. Plant Foods
  11. Healthy Families
  12. Healthy Self Esteem

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